How To Buy Pubg UC in Pakistan With Easypaisa & Jazzcash 2023

Hello Friends, Do you like Pubg? and don’t know how to buy Pubg UC in Pakistan with Easypaisa & Jazzcash? then let me guide you today 24 February 2023 on how we can buy UC in Pubg mobile by following my simple steps.

Let’s dig in!

How To Buy Pubg UC in Pakistan With Easypaisa & Jazzcash

What is Pubg UC in Pk?

Friends UC stands for (Universal Cash) this is an online currency that is used only in Pubg Mobile. Furthermore, We can buy it through real cash and UC is useful for Pubg Mobile Game.

How To Buy Pubg UC in Pakistan With EasyPaisa?

There are several methods out there from which you can buy Pubg UC. However, Easypaisa is trusted and works very well in Pakistan So, In this method, we are going to use Easypaisa to Buy Pubg UC.

Follow my steps:

  1. Open Easypaisa App
  2. Click On More Option
  3. Scroll Down & Click On Mini App
  4. Now, Click on Voucher
  5. After that click on TapShop
  6. Select Pubg Mobile
  7. Now, Select the amount of UC
  8. Click On Pay Now
  9. You have a voucher For UC Now.

Congratulations You have successfully bought the UC of Pubg In Pakistan with Easypaisa.

How To Redeem UC Voucher in Pakistan?

After buying the voucher you have to wait for 30 minutes. After waiting 30 minutes you will receive an SMS from TapShop with your Voucher code.

Let me tell you how to redeem UC voucher in Pakistan:

  • Copy Voucher from SMS
  • Download MidasBuy APP
  • Login With Email
  • Click On Redeem
  • Enter Player ID & Voucher Code
  • Now, Click on submit
  • Your Redeem was successful.

So, you can successfully buy Voucher and Redeem it by following my above methods.

How To Buy Pubg UC in Pakistan with JazzCash?

In this method, I will buy UC with JazzCash. JazzCash is like EasyPaisa and trusted app.

Follow my steps:

  1. Open JazzCash App
  2. Deposit Money
  3. Click on E-Vouchers
  4. Select the Pubg US
  5. Select the amount in $$
  6. Click on Confirm transaction
  7. You will receive an email with Voucher Code
  8. Now, Copy the code & Open Midasbuy
  9. Open an account and select Pubg
  10. Click on redeem
  11. Put your Pubg ID & Redeem Code
  12. Click On Ok
  13. Success

Now, you can check UC in Pubg mobile. Also, sometimes it will take 5 – 30 minutes in receiving the Voucher so, don’t worry about it.


In a nutshell, from today 24 February 2023 you can buy UC with Easypaisa and JazzCash easily and both methods are similar. However, Easypaisa is good for me, You can also use Easypaisa to buy Pubg Mobile UC in Pk. Furthermore, Buy UC if you can afford otherwise, it is not mandatory.

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