How To Earn Money From Cashyy App (2023)

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Are you playing games or doing other stuff? Then why don’t you earn money on your smartphone? You just need an internet connection and a mobile to earn money from cashyy app without investment. Let’s dig in!

How To Earn Money From Cashyy App

What is cashyy app?

You will make money using this app but what exactly is this? The Cashyy is a trusted platform that was founded in 2020 and got 5M+ installs instantly. Cashyy is the Get-Paid-to (GPT) app that is legit and paying. Cashyy offers different methods to earn money including Playing Games, Paid Offers, and Referral Program.

How To Earn Money From Cashyy app?

There are other apps like Cashyy that offer alike tasks and you will be paid. So, before we start making money on the Cashyy app you need to create an account. Let’s see!

  1. Download the app from the Play Store
  2. Select Gender & Age
  3. Accept their policy
  4. Create an account using mail
  5. Confirm account
  6. Tada! Your account is registered

Earn Money Playing Games: There are different platforms that are like Cashyy which pay you by playing games. Cashyy offers you to play games that are under test or newly launched in the market. Play Games in the Cashyy app and get rewards that will be converted into money later.

Paid Offers: Cashyy also has the method of earning by “Paid Offers” which is simple. You have to complete offers like downloading a particular app to reach the level or make a score according to their term. By following this method you have to complete offers and earn, You can follow this method limitlessly.

Referral Program: You can also earn money by inviting your friends and family members through your invite link. The referral program of Cashyy is pretty good you will earn 100 Points and 25% of earnings from your invited person. Also, this will apply to you the much you earn a commission of 25% also goes to your invited person.

How To Withdraw Money From Cashyy?

The Cashyy app is good at paying and the minimum payout of the Cashyy app is $0.10 which is very low. You can earn coins and exchange them later 1000 coins is equal to $0.10 you will receive 900 coins for account creation. The payment methods in Cashyy are PayPal and Gift Cards.


In a nutshell, you can earn money from Cashyy app by Playing Games, Paid Offers, and, Referral programs. You won’t become rich from Cashyy but it can save you some extra bucks. So, using Cashyy will be beneficial for you and you can earn $10 a week according to my research.


There are some frequently asked question related to the Cashyy app and have answered theme.

is Cashyy app legit?

Yes, Cashyy app is legit and paying since it launched.

Cashyy app reviews

According to me the Cashyy app reviews on Play Store 169K+ and has the rating of 4.0 which is good.

does Cashyy really pay?

I have tested the Cashyy app and it does Pay.

How much does Cashyy pay?

Cashyy gives you points that can be converted into dollars 1,000 points are equal to $0.10.

Cashyy Payout

Cashy is legit and trusted app that gives the payout via PayPal and Gift Cards.

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