How To Earn Money From Crowdtap (2023)

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Hi guys do want to make extra cash online? Then you are at the right place, In this article, I will cover how to earn money from Crowdtap for free. You can earn by spending your little time on their app or website. Let’s dig in!

What is Crowdtap and How Does It Work?

Crowdtap is a legit website that pays users by completing short surveys, Users can make money according to available surveys more surveys more cash. Crowdtap is a good and trusted website and app that has been paying since 3 July 2019 and that is a good trust point. This platform is available for Android, iOS, and PC. So, you can use it on your available device and this platform has 100k+ installs on the Play Store with a rating of 4.2 which is pretty good. Crowdtap is easy and fun to use by giving your opinions in exchange for cash.

How To Earn Money From Crowdtap

How To Create Crowdtap account?

The Crowdtap app is not available in all countries but still you can surf it with the help of a VPN. First, download the app or open their website to create an account on the platform. After doing follow my steps:

  1. Put Email
  2. Choose password
  3. Enter the First and Last
  4. Enter the Date Of Birth
  5. Select your race
  6. Choose you Gender
  7. Enter your address
  8. Verify your number
  9. Tada! Your account is created

Once your account is successfully created you go on next step on how to earn money from Crowdtap. So, let’s see how the next step works!

How to earn money from Crowdtap?

There are a lot of apps that pay cash for taking surveys but Crowdtap is different. Crowdtap has provided the advance facility of earning $25, $50, or more according to them. The survey will be easy and mcqs type you have to choose the answer and that’s all. All the short surveys give you normally 3 points and the surveys will be 1 to 3 minutes long. Once you have completed all the available surveys don’t worry you will receive surveys daily.

How To Withdraw From Crowdtap?

Crowdtap is not the website that gives the cash you will receive the gift cards in exchange for withdrawal. You will receive many company gift cards including famous ones like PayPal, Amazon, Play Store, and Walmart.


In a nutshell, you will earn extra cash using this trusted platform by answering the short surveys. This platform is trusted and available in only 1 and 2-tier countries but you can use it via VPN. Furthermore, this platform won’t make you rich but it will be quite helpful to earn extra cash. You have another choice you can also use Swagbucks at the same time.


The most asked questions answers are given below:

Is Crowdtap legit?

Yes, Crowdtap is legit and pays rewards to its users.

crowdtap account disabled?

If your Crowdtap account is disabled that means you have made some mistakes or have not followed their policy.

Crowdtap Support!

Yes, Crowdtap has good support and they will assist you.

In which countries Crowdtap is available?

Crowdtap is available only in the US.

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