How To Earn Money From FeaturePoints (2023)

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Do you have an internet connection? Then why don’t make some money online? Today, I am going to tell you how you can earn money from FeaturePoints. FeaturePoints is a legit app that pays its users for completing tasks. Let’s dig in!

Earn Money From FeaturePoints

What is FeaturePoints?

You can earn money from FeaturePoints on your phone and web by completing short tasks. FeaturePoints was founded in 2012 and paid more than $6,000,000 to its users for completing short tasks. Whenever you complete a task you will be paid in points that will be exchanged into the rewards later on. You can earn money by completing tasks like taking surveys, playing games, and watching videos.

How To Earn Money From FeaturePoints?

You can Earn money from FeaturePoints by taking surveys, playing games, and watching videos. However, before you can earn you must have a FeaturePoints account, Where you can earn and transfer rewarded money. Let’s see how to create a FeaturePoints account!

  1. Download the app or open it on a web
  2. Click On Sign-up or Log In
  3. Put your email and solve the captcha
  4. Set password
  5. Verify your account with the link
  6. Tada! Your FeaturePoints account has been successfully opened.

Take Surveys: FeaturePoints have 3 Earning methods and the one I like is to take Surveys. Because surveys are easy to take and pay more as compared to other tasks. You just have to share your opinion and you will get rewards for your choice. However, You have given the surveys on your location base, there are somewhere the survey ratio is very low. So, if you are living in tier one or tier two countries then you will get a lot of surveys.

Download Apps: The other method that is also easy like taking surveys but has low points is to download apps. You can download the apps to get points but the points will be different for every app you will download. There are some apps you have to download and open and you will get rewards. Also, there are apps that pay good points and will have conditions like playing an app or game and reaching a particular level.

Watch Videos: FeaturePoints have good ways to earn money, You can also earn money from FeaturePoints by watching video ads. This feature is available in FeaturePoints, you have to watch the video for 30 seconds and you will be paid. Plus, you can watch unlimited videos according to your wish.

Invite Friends: Like other companies, this platform also provides the facility to earn money from FeaturePoints by inviting your friends. Each member you will invite to FeaturePoints, The more they will earn the more benefit you will get by receiving 10% of their earnings. However, you will have to invite the members through your referral link which will be available in your account.

How To Withdraw Money From FeaturePoints?

FeaturePoints have a bunch of good earning methods but you are wondering how to withdraw earned money. FeaturePoints have good payment methods including Gift Cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin without extra charges. However, the payout threshold of FeaturePoints is $5 to receive the payment. When we start earning the platform can give an exchange of 600 points equal to $1.


In final words, this app and site won’t make you rich but it will be good to earn some bucks. You don’t need investment to start just take Surveys, play games, watch videos, and invite friends to earn in your free time.


There are some normal questions people frequently ask, and I have given the answers to them accordingly.

FeaturePoints Sign Up!

You can sign up easily on the FeaturePoints app by providing simple details like email.

FeaturePoints Support!

Yes, FeaturePoints also provides support for users to get the best experience.

FeaturePoints Payment Proof!

I have withdrawn the money from FeaturePoints and my friends also.

FeaturePoints Points To Money!

You can exchange the 600 points in $1. So, you have to earn as much as you can.

How Much Can I Earn From FeaturePoints?

Your earnings will depends on how much you are using the app and inviting friends.

Is FeaturePoints Worldwide?

Yes, FeaturePoints is almost available in every country.

Is FeaturePoints real or fake?

FeaturePoints is a legit platform that pays. You can earn money from this by completing tasks.

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