How To Earn Money From Rakuten (2023)

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Discover how to Earn Money From Rakuten App (2023). Making money online is one of the easy methods to earn by sitting at home doing nothing, Besides shopping online at the Rakuten app and inviting friends will get you cashback and rewards. Let’s dig in!

Earn Money From Rakuten

What is Rakuten?

Rakuten is an E-commerce and Technology company that has a good number of services. Rakuten was founded by Hiroshi Mikitani in Tokyo city of Japan in February 1997. According to Wikipedia Rakuten has 1.682 trillion JPY (2021) Revenue and the price of stock in the market is 2$.

Online Marketplace: Rakuten is a marketplace where third-party people can list and sell their products.

Cashback and Rewards: This app provides Cashback and Rewards to its users, People can earn money from Rakuten app when they buy some products.

Rakuten Points: This app has its own currency called Rakuten Points, The users of the app can earn points via shopping, using services, and referring friends.

In a nutshell, Rakuten is a multiple platform that provides online shopping, cashback, and rewards programs. You will get money in rewards of “Rakuten Points”.

How Does Rakuten Work?

The Rakuten is also called the “Amazon of Japan” and is a huge e-commerce and technology company with a large number of services. Rakuten is a Online Marketplace where people operates an online marketplace and sellers can list, and sell their products.

Rakuten offers Cashback and Rewards, when people shop via Rakuten, they will earn a percentage of their purchase amount in the form of “Rakuten Points”. Users can pay with payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and Rakuten Points.

Rakuten works by offering a large number of services including Online Marketplace, Cashback, and Rewards. Also, this giant e-commerce and Technology company provides a facility of Cashback on shopping.

How To Earn Money From Rakuten App?

Earning money from the app also includes the Cashback and referral programs. You can earn money by following the below steps:

Download The app from the Rakuten website, Play Store, and App Store. After downloading the app you have to create the Rakuten account by giving simple details like Email and password. After sign-up complete verification by clicking on the link sent by the company.

Shop via Rakuten: Whenever you plan to buy something you can use Rakuten for Cashback and Rewards. Click the store’s link through Rakuten, and you’ll earn cashback on your successful purchase.

Refer Friends: Earn 30$ on a successful invite, and share your Rakuten referral link with your friends and family members to earn. You will get 30 dollars once your referral person makes a purchase and the bonus will be received within 60 days.

Use Rakuten In-Store: You can also receive cashback from physical stores after linking your credit card with Rakuten and pay in-store with that card.

Watch for Special Offers: Keep an eye on special promotions, discounts, and increased cashback rates on the Rakuten app. This tip can help you to maximize your earnings.

Receive Payments: Rakuten pays your earnings via check and PayPal until your balance is at least 5$.

The amount of money you will earn depends on your shopping habits and referrals. So, it may not result in significant income. It’s a good way to save money on your daily purchases.

How To Withdraw Money From Rakuten?

To receive withdrawals from Rakuten you must enter the address where you are living or an ID card. In the App, go to “Choose How to Get Paid.” There are two payment methods PayPal and Check, You can request withdrawal once you earn $ 5. The schedule of sending money is once every 3 months which is a very long time.


In my words, Rakuten pays a small percentage of money from your purchase. So, you can test the website or app if the results are good then you use it. I’m using it and getting paid after every 3 months by shopping and inviting friends. So, this is the way to earn money from Rakuten.

F&Q’s Of Earn Money from Rakuten

How Do Rakuten Pay?

Rakuten pays once every 3 months via PayPal and Check.

How To Get Rakuten Cashback After Purchase?

Shop via the Rakuten link and after a successful purchase, you will receive the money percentage in your account.

How To Use Rakuten In-Store.

There are some shopping partners in the In-Store section add your credit or debit card and start using In-Store.

How Do I Get Money From My Rakuten Check?

You can exchange that check for money in the bank.

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