How To Earn Money Online From Playtestcloud In Pakistan (2023)

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Hello Friends, In this article I’m going to tell you about How To Earn Money Online from Playtestcloud in Pakistan. If you are free then you can test games and it will be a great opportunity and fun for you to make money by testing Games.

It is a legitimate company that has been paying its users since 2014. Let’s see how Playtestcloud works!

Earn Money Online From Playtestcloud In Pakistan

What is Plauytestcloud?

Playtestcloud was founded back in 2014 and it has a huge system of working in 8 Living countries. Playtestcloud is one of the companies that provide testing mobile games during prototype, soft launch, and development directly after the release. The prototype will be for both Android and iOS, So you can easily use the app.

How Playtestcloud works?

Playtestcloud is trying to help the studios to make better games that will be good for players. Since 2014 Playtestcloud has helped the studios and developers to improve their user-friendly experience. It is useable on mobile and PC, So start making money today.

How To Earn Online Money From Playtestcloud in Pakistan?

You will be testing Games, it will be easy and fun to test Games. Furthermore, you have to play the Game and submit feedback according to your understanding. Your earnings will depend on the number of tests the more tests you will get the more earnings will be added to your account. You can earn up to 5 dollars In 15 minutes playtest.

Goto Play Store and App Store to download the Playtestcloud app and create an account using the steps!

  • Enter Email
  • Full Name
  • Which Games You Like
  • Choose Gaming Device
  • Select Country
  • Pick Gender
  • Enter Date Of Birth
  • Accept their policy
  • Create account
  • Confirm your account.

Once your account is created will have to complete 5 minutes of the survey. Furthermore, after completing the survey your account will be eligible for Playing Games and earning money. In the app of Playtestcloud, you will receive a Game after receiving an email, you have to test that game according to their guidelines. Once you complete the test you will receive a decent amount of money you will see that in emails sent by the company.

Is Playtestcloud Legit?

People are asking if is Playtestcloud legit. I will say yes it is legit because it has been paying since 2014 and have 8 live offices in 8 countries. Also, it has tested the Top 45 Games from 100, which makes them legit.

How To Withdraw Money From Playtestcloud?

After making money by Playing Games you can withdraw money via Charity Donations, PayPal, Prepaid Credit Cards, Tremendous Rewards, or Venmo. Plus point is that Playtestcloud doesn’t need a withdrawal threshold you can even withdraw 9$. After withdrawal, you can transfer that amount to cash or bank.


In a nutshell, it is a great opportunity To Earn Money Online From Playtestcloud in Pakistan by testing other companies’ Games. You won’t become a millionaire by using this website but it will be handy. I’m using this website and will also recommend you to use it.

F&Qs Of Earn Money Online From Playtestcloud In Pakistan

What is PlaytestCloud?

Playtestcloud is a company that pays users to provide feedback by playing games.

How can I earn money with PlaytestCloud?

Everyone can make money on Playtestcloud by testing Games and providing their feedback.

What qualifications do I need to become a playtester?

You don’t need any qualifications to become a Paytester.

How do I sign up as a playtester on PlaytestCloud?

You can sign up as a playtester by providing the basic details mentioned above.

Is there a fee to become a playtester?

Playtester is free and pays users to test any Game.

How much can I earn as a playtester on PlaytestCloud?

Earnings depend on the Game if it is good you will paid a good amount.

How and when do I receive payments?

Once you earned your first income on the website you can withdraw that without waiting for the threshold.

Is playtesting safe and secure?

Yes, Playtestcloud is a safe and secure website, that cares for the user’s privacy.

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