10 Best Get Paid to Take Surveys Sites (2023)

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I will tell you how you can make money with the 10 Best Get Paid to Take Surveys Sites. In today’s digital world finding the best survey sites to make money at home is hard but I’ve come up with 10 sites that are paying instant cash to their users. So, Let’s dig in!


What is a survey?

We will Earn Money Doing Surveys after reading this article but before that let me tell you What is a survey. Paid Online Surveys are a method to collect information from a person or group by asking a list of relative questions. There are 4 different methods to collect data from a user by questioning them in various places including:

  1. Phone
  2. E-Mail
  3. Online Survey
  4. In Malls

All the collected data will be for research on the Products, Industry trends, and marketing. There are various platforms that provide the facility to take online surveys for money and I have tested 10. Let’s see these 10 Highest Paying Online Survey Sites!

Best Get Paid to Take Surveys Sites

There are a lot of websites where you can earn money doing surveys and I have chosen the 10 best for you. These highest paying online survey sites are legit and pay their users for a good time.


Swagbucks is a giant company that pays its users for completing various tasks including surveys. This platform was founded in 2008 and has paid more than $600,000,000 cash to its users. They will pay in SB points, One Survey will get you 30 – 150 SB points. You have to earn SB points by taking surveys (100 SB = $1). 

Swagbucks withdrawal methods are PayPal, Gift Cards, and Prize Draws.

Swagbucks Review

Google Opinion Rewards

The world’s largest company Google has launched its app Google Opinion Rewards which pays for taking surveys. This app is almost available in all countries and has 50M+ installs on the Play Store. The surveys of Google Opinion Rewards are short and pay up to $0.50 USD per survey. 

Google Opinion Rewards will pay to its users via PayPal.


This platform is one of the highest paying online surveys and takes less time. This app was Released in April 2022 and is still paying. This is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website, You can take surveys FreeCash will pay you around $0.10 USD per survey.

This platform pays via  PayPal, Skins, Gift Cards, and Bitcoin.

FreeCash Review


This platform is a trusted Get Paid to Take Surveys Sites. Inboxdollars is currently available only in the US and you can use it via VPN. According to our research, Inboxdollars is paying between $0.20 – $5 USD per survey.

Inboxdollars is paying via PayPal, Gift Cards, and Visa.

Rakuten Insight

You can also earn money doing surveys on the Rakuten platform. This website was built in India. Rakuten Insight is a legit website that will pay you around $0.25 to $1 per survey. You can use Rakuten Insight as an extra income source on Android, iOS, and PC.

This platform pays you via Paytm, Flipkart, and Amazon Gift Cards. 

Ask Wonder

This website is legit and one of the best survey sites to make money. You will be given a survey and do research after that and submit it on Ask Wonder. This site wants users who can do their research on their question-type surveys. Your earnings will depend on your work, this site pays around $0.2 – $1 per survey.

The withdrawal method in Ask Wonder is PayPal.

Ask Wonder Review


You can take online surveys for money on this platform and earn real cash. Crowdtap is a website where you can earn around $0.5 – $3 per survey. Crowdtap is usable on Android, iOS, and Web. Also currently, this website is available only in the US but still you can use it via VPN.

The Crowdtap payment methods are Amazon, Target, Walmart Gift Cards, and etc.

Crowdtap Review

Survey Junkie

This website is available in limited countries but you can use it with VPN. You can take surveys for money on this platform and earn extra cash. Survey Junkie is a very popular platform in Europe for making extra cash. Survey Junkie pays around $0.20 – $5 per survey according to them.

The Survey Junkie’s payment method is PayPal.

Survey Junkie Review

Ipsos iSay

There are good methods to earn money on Ipsos iSay but you can take paid online surveys. This website is good at surveys and you can make around $0.4 – $2 per survey at home. Ipsos iSay is almost available in all countries and you can make money depending on your time spent.

The Withdrawal methods on Ipsos iSay are Gift Cards and PayPal.

Ipsos iSay Review

Paidwork: Make Money

This is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) app that pays for completing short tasks including taking surveys. According to the app owner users can earn more than $150 monthly. This app pays around $0.7 – $3 per survey without any extra charges. The minimum withdrawal is $10 and You will receive a withdrawal in the next 24 hours.

The Paidwork: Make Money withdrawal methods are PayPal and Bank Transfer.

Paidwork Review

Benefits of Get Paid to Take Surveys

Surveys are taken to gather information related to technology, products, and behavior. Also, surveys will increase your IQ and they also pay extra cash to their users. Surveys only take about 1 to 10 minutes depending on the company you will choose. Choose from the Get Paid To Take Surveys list and they will pay you for your opinions.

How Much Money You Can Make?

You have seen the list of highest paying survey sites that are legit but how much can you make? Furthermore, you have to create accounts on all survey sites and use them to take Surveys. By using all the websites you can make around $10 – $15 daily which means $300 – $450 monthly for free. Also, you have to take Surveys from one platform when surveys are finished from that go on to the next one. Follow this method and you will definitely make some extra cash online. 


In a nutshell, you will earn some extra money using Get Paid to Take Surveys Sites. However, if you use one survey site that will not make you rich but using 3 – 5 sites at once will give you a boost. Earn money by giving your opinion on different platforms to make extra cash without investment. So, you must check Get Paid to Take Surveys Sites once to earn.


Highest-paying online surveys

I have mentioned the highest-paying online survey site.

Surveys that pay cash instantly

All the above survey sites will pay cash instantly to their users once you reach their threshold 

How to start getting paid for Surveys

You have to create an account on the platform and then start taking surveys after completing surveys you will make some cash.

Can I Make Money If I’m Under 18?

Yes, you can make money by taking surveys on the above platforms.

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