How To Earn Money From Google Opinion Rewards in Pakistan

Are you stuck at How To Earn Money On Google Opinion Rewards in Pakistan? The best app that pays you for your surveys. This app is banned in Pakistan However, you can still start earning money from this app even if your in Pakistan.

Google Opinion Rewards apk Pakistan needs no introduction because this app is owned by the world’s largest company Google. This app trusted and you can earn a lot of money via this app by giving little time. Let’s see how I earned 35$ USD in just a week without any hard work by giving 1 hour daily. If I’m capable of doing that than also you can do it.

Let’s dig in!

How To Earn Money From Google Opinion Rewards in Pakistan

How to install Google Opinion Rewards in Pakistan?

The best and easy method to install GOR:

  • Download Any VPN
  • Connect with United States
  • Clear the data of Play Store
  • Now, You can install GOR

How To Use Google Opinion Rewards in Pakistan?

This app is easy to earn money online without facing any problem. This is similar to SB Answer, but the difference is that this app is owned by a different trusted company. GOP pays you to complete surveys, The more surveys you complete the more money you’ll earn from the Google company. In the beginning, you’ll get little number of surveys however, when you become professional, they’ll give you a bunch of surveys.

How Google Opinion Rewards Pays?

What is the minimum withdrawal for Google Opinion Rewards? There are two Mobile Operating systems Android and iOS, and they pay differently to them.

Android users will get paid once they reach at the threshold of 20$ USD via Google Play Credit. While iOS, users will get paid via PayPal.

Does Google Opinion Rewards pay real money?

As I mentioned before this app is owned by Google which most trusted company around the world. So, you can trust on this app start working.

Is Google Opinion Safe?

This gives us the surveys which are asking about our nature and our wealth. However, they don’t collect any personal data without our permission. So, yes, this app is 110% safe.


In a nutshell, this app is not going to give you a million dollars, but you can extract some dollars. This app just requires 30 minutes or 1 hour a day that’s all you need. So, according to me using this app is good if you have some minutes to spend freely.

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