How To Create an Admob Account In 2023

Hi friends, Today in this article I’m going to tell you how to create an Admob account in 2023. Friends it is easy to create the Admob account but the main thing is to create a fabulous app. An app that brings millions of installs after going live on the internet.

 how to create an AdMob account

Admob is the platform that allows you to monetize the apps and earn revenue from apps. This platform is owned by the big ticon Google and it is very good at the eCPM and people are making a lot of money via Admob. You just need to create an app and monetize it with Google’s product Admob and start making money.

How To Create an Admob Account?

There are some steps you need to complete for creating the Admob account. You can follow my simple steps to create Google’s company Admob’s account.

Google Account: You must have a Google account before creating an Admob account. If you don’t have one create one at

Sign in to AdMob: You have a Google account, Now you have to go to the ( and sign in using a Google account.

Create an AdMob Account: The final step is to create the account. Select the

  • Country
  • Timezone
  • Currency

After finishing these steps click on Create Account. Once you created an account next step is to set up the Payment Address.
Enter the details of your postal area, so that Google can verify that it is you a human, not a robot.

Google Admob Policies:
Always remember that Admob policies change with time. You can catch up with their policies by reading the policies page.

How To Earn Money With Admob?

I earned a good amount with Admob last month and like me, people are making millions of dollars monthly by uploading an app on the internet from home. Now, how you can start? Create an app after learning a language like Java, Kotlin, or Flutter these are languages. Another option is that create an application from a person who already knows any one language from the above. It is easy and give him ad units that you created and he will give you an ad-ready app. Upload it on the internet and start making money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to create an AdMob account?

The process of creating an AdMob account usually takes around 15-20 minutes, including identity verification. However, it also depends on your location.

Is there a cost associated with creating an AdMob account?

No, creating an AdMob account is 100% free. You only pay when you run ad campaigns, and you can set your budget according to your needs.

Can I use AdMob with any mobile app platform?

Yes, AdMob is compatible with various mobile app platforms, including Android and iOS. Google provides SDKs and documentation for integration.

How can I optimize my ad revenue with AdMob?

To optimize your ad revenue, focus on ad placement, ad formats, and targeting options. Experiment with different strategies and monitor performance to make data-driven decisions.

What types of ads can I display with AdMob?

AdMob offers numerous ad formats, including banner ads, interstitial ads, rewarded ads, and native ads. You can choose the format that best suits your app and audience.

Is there customer support available for AdMob users?

Yes, Google offers customer support and a help center to assist AdMob users with any questions or issues they may face.


You can simply create the admob account by following the above steps. However, before creating from any other guy make sure to share this conversation with someone. Also, make sure to follow the Admob policies because Admob has an Ad Limit system on its sleeves. That’s all thanks guys for catching up.

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