How To Earn Money On Yandex Toloka in Pakistan (2023)

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Do you have a stable internet connection? Why don’t you make some money online? let me tell you How To Earn Money On Yandex Toloka in Pakistan and get paid. Millions of Pakistanis are making money using Toloka Yandex in Pakistan and I’m personally using this app.

How To Earn Money On Yandex Toloka in Pakistan

What is Yandex Toloka?

This platform was introduced by a Russian company Yandex. That provides the task to be completed, given by the organizations and companies to test their projects. The Toloka Yandex app is available for both Android and iOS. Furthermore, it has various methods to make money in the comfort of your home.

Toloka Yandex Sign-up?

To sign-up on the Toloka Yandex app follow these steps:

  • Install the Yandex Toloka App
  • Open the App and Skip
  • Now, Click on Register
  • Put Your Number & Continue
  • Now, Enter Your 1 and 2 Name
  • After That, Enter Your City Name & DOF
  • Now, Put Your Email
  • They Will Send The Code On Email
  • After entering the code your account will be verified

By following these steps you can create a free account on Toloka Yandex App and start making money online.

How To Earn Money On Yandex Toloka App?

Before beginning the real work, you will receive simple training. After completing the training you will be one step closer towards making rewards. Now, you will start receiving short tasks to complete. These tasks are different like Image and Video recognition, Text, Classify Audio, City Tasks, and Information and Surveys.

Image and Video Recognition: This task asks you to take a selfie. Also, You can record a 30-second video using your front camera. The rewards earned will be different for every task.

Text: This method involves simple text related to the tasks. You may need to translate and read text from images, or sometimes sign your signature on the piece of paper and upload its photo.

Classify Audio: Collect rewards by listening to audio files and classifying them based on mood, instructions, and theme. You also have to transcribe the audio and make it content.

City Tasks: Take pictures of different unknown shops and small businesses, including places, and upload them to earn rewards.

Information and Surveys: Earn rewards by providing your opinion and participating in local calls. You’ll be tasked with finding information and taking the pictures for practice purposes. Additionally, you can share your opinions on different ads and products.

Task Availability: Initially, you may receive a limited number of tasks as a new user. However, the more tasks you successfully complete, the more opportunities will be provided to you.

How To Withdraw Money From Yandex Toloka In Pakistan?

You can easily Withdraw Money from Yandex Toloka in Pakistan by earning $1. the payment methods suitable in Pakistan are Skrill and Payoneer. You can withdraw money from Yandex Toloka in JazzCash.

Toloka Yandex Reviews

Toloka Reviews
Toloka Reviews

Yes, Toloka Yandex App is trusted and part of a big company.


In a nutshell, You can make around $3 to $5 daily. However, that is not bad for a beginner who is looking for an opportunity. You can expand your business by starting with this app. This app won’t make you rich but you can get some extra cash.

Asked Questions

These questions are taken from Google and I will answer these Questions.

Is Yandex Toloka paying?

Yes, the Yandex Toloka App is paying millions of people in Pakistan.

What country is Toloka?

Yandex toloka app is almost available in every country and this app was developed in Russia.

Is Toloka good for earning money?

Yes, it is good for earning money in your free time.

Is Toloka safe?

Yes, it is safe and secure.

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